Why do we waste so much time trying to fit into some stereotype of who we should be? Whether it’s a gender role, a social norm, a group we admire, or an organized religion, we all try to fit into a mold that wasn’t made for us at some point in time. We spend so much time trying to fit in and yet we want to be an original. How does that even make sense?! For us to be original we have to be ourselves, express our unique personalities, do the very opposite of fit in! Sure, there may be people we have values or likes in common with, and that’s great when it happens, but we should never feel that we have to change ourselves to be accepted. Don’t be a copy of someone else, be who you were made to be. Be yourself. Be an original, because after all, there’s no one in the world who is exactly like you.



This mask that I wear almost every day- it’s pretty and smiling and dreadfully gay.
It gets somewhat heavy and hard to keep on- when I feel like a failure and don’t want to be strong.
This mask that I hold up for others to see- is bright and it’s smiling; I struggle to see.
It gets dark in the mask that I wear all day long- I drop it sometimes when I can’t find my song
When the song in my heart has no strength left to sing, and the shine of my smile is now grimacing
-then I drop this old mask, it’s so faithful and true, and I let out my dark side and howl at the moon